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How to Get Roadside Technician Jobs at Mangum’s

How to Get Roadside Technician Jobs at Mangum’s

If you prefer being under the hood of trucks and heavy haulers to being behind the wheel, then our roadside technician jobs may be the right fit for you!

Road service technician jobs are great for people who like working with their hands. The job comes with the added benefit of knowing your work makes a positive impact every day. As a roadside service technician, you get to save the day for truck drivers who need your help to get back on the road. It’s a job that stays interesting, keeps you out from behind a desk, and lets you interact with new people.

So how can you increase your chances of becoming a roadside tech? Here's a guide to help you succeed:

First, Keep It Clean On and Off the Road

A clean driving record is important for roadside technician jobs. Though minor traffic infractions will not impact your consideration, an excessive amount of them may. More serious accidents or infractions can also make you less desirable. So, if your driving record isn’t the best, do what you can to clear and improve it before starting the application process.

You will also go through a standard background check and drug test during onboarding. Cleaning up any bad habits before you start applying will only help you stand out as a professional candidate for work.

Brush Up on Your Mechanical Skills

If you’re hoping for a job as a roadside mechanic, you will need relevant skills going into the interview! Though you will learn the requirements specific to road service, you need to feel comfortable with tools. Past service or repair jobs will stand out on a resume. Even hobby experience with cars or construction will help show you know your way around the equipment.

If you don’t have that experience, you can consider taking a course or earning a certification. Many community colleges or trade schools will have basic mechanical courses. Employers will see this as a sign of how serious you are about this career path. That will help set you apart from other entry-level applicants.

Clear Your Schedule for a Few Week 

A major expectation of roadside service technicians is availability. Breakdowns happen around the clock, so you will be on call most days of the week. Pause any trips or time-sensitive appointments for a few weeks if you’re able when you start applying. This will show the roadside service companies you’re applying with that you understand what the job requires.

Putting their customers first before they’ve even hired you is a great way to shoot to the top of the list for consideration. Quick and reliable service helps leading roadside repair companies like Mangum’s become the first call truckers make when they need to get back on the road fast.

Consider Earning a CDL License for Roadside Technician Jobs

Roadside technician jobs are not the same as tow truck operators. But, being able to fill multiple roles is always attractive to companies.

Earning a commercial driver’s license will help you stand out with more competitive companies like Mangum’s. Because Mangum’s works with commercial vehicles, having a road service tech who could also operate a tow truck in a pinch is only a good thing.

To learn more about this, check out our post about landing a great tow truck driving job.

Finally, Apply for Roadside Technician Jobs!

You’ve prepared yourself well, now it’s time to apply and start your roadside service career! The last step in any career search is doing your research. You want to start your career with an honest company that has a great local reputation, solid values, and competitive benefits package. These are good signs that your first job with them will be more than just that, and rather become a starting point for a career that will serve you well.

Mangum’s is Hiring! Start Your Roadside Service Career with Us!

If you’re wondering where you’ll find a trustworthy roadside service company to work for, you just did! Mangum’s has been in business since 1969. We are proud to be a family business that puts integrity first in all our operations.

We are currently hiring entry-level roadside technicians, along with several other openings across our departments. View our openings and apply today.