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Mangum’s Heavy Duty Powertrain: A Lifetime of Experience

Mangum’s Heavy Duty Powertrain: A Lifetime of Experience

Forty-five years ago, Chuck Bunn rolled up his sleeves and became an owner in a big engine repair and maintenance shop. He confesses that he was new to the profession. It was a different world for him, but it was one he quickly embraced.

It was hard work. There was a lot to learn.

But Chuck excelled and developed a love for the job, and there was no turning back. He had found his calling.

Fast forward several decades later, after that chapter of Chuck’s life was over, he joined the Mangum’s team to become our leading powertrain and driveshaft expert.

Mangum’s Purchases Heavy Duty Powertrain & Hydraulics

Chuck was the owner of Heavy Duty Powertrain & Hydraulics, Inc., which was purchased by Mangum’s in 2019. Through the purchase, Mangum’s gained the expertise and experience of 40 years of work with powertrains, driveshafts and other heavy duty equipment. It also allowed us to better meet our customers’ demands for custom powertrain work.

Through the years, Chuck’s vast experience has been instrumental in helping us keep your trucks and equipment on the road and out of the shop. But if these big engines do need help or repairs, Chuck and our team are always there with the know-how to solve problems as soon and as safely as possible.

However, there’s more to Chuck than mere experience. His story represents the best we have to offer. Now, he mentors our newer generation of technicians, providing tips and tools of the trade that only come from decades of getting grease under your fingernails.

We’d like to introduce you to Chuck and tell his story. We believe you’ll find it just as inspirational as we do.

Family: The Cornerstone of Chuck’s Life

His venture began when he wanted a job that would allow him to spend quality time with his family. His son had just been born, and family was an important priority in his life. When he was approached with the opportunity to own his own business, he accepted, and embarked on a new, innovative venture.

“I had never been involved in automotives. I had never touched a piece of machinery like this,” Chuck confessed. “I just jumped right in, working with the machinist every day.”

It was a steep learning curve, but he was dedicated to learning as much as possible. As his knowledge increased, so did the success of his business.

“Everything has guidelines and there’s a reason…”

Chuck has worked with an extensive array of engines, ranging from smaller ones to excavators to mining operation equipment. Through the years, he has learned how to handle all these with skillful ease.

But working with engines is only part of the story. Chuck is also one of our most valuable assets when it comes to working with people. He understands the importance of putting the customer and their needs first.

“It’s always better to be honest with someone,” he said. “We are about doing what is best for the customer.”

That’s why he has some good advice for those who work with these trucks and equipment every day:

“The biggest mistake I see is usually neglecting maintenance. Everything has guidelines, and there’s a reason. If you neglect a problem coming up in the driveline, it’s only going to get worse if it’s not addressed,” he said. “Sometimes they get something cheap and use a smaller size than they should have.”

Some of these issues are based upon driver error or driveshaft problems. Sometimes improper specifications play a role. That’s why Chuck and the Mangum’s Fleet Maintenance team are always dedicated to giving the customer what they need.

“I will repair your driveshaft. Sometimes I’ll tell you that it will be back for more repairs unless some alterations are completed,” he said. “Some will try to do a one-piece shaft, instead of the two or three that are needed. They do that because it’s cheaper, but it will cause more problems in the long run.”

“You can’t keep covering problems up,” he added. “It’s important to know the limitations of those parts.”

Chuck enjoys working at Mangum’s for many reasons, but one is that Mangum’s will invest in the equipment needed to streamline efficiency and provide better service. This investment helps both the company and its customers.

Training the Next Generation of Powertrain and Hydraulic Experts

Ask Chuck about Mangum’s and he’ll mention the family atmosphere. It can easily be seen in the shop where he works with 10 other employees. He generously instructs them, passing down the knowledge he has gleaned from more than four decades of experience.

“The employees here have a very good attitude, a good work ethic,” he said. “It’s fun teaching someone else how to do it and see them catch on. I enjoy teaching them the tricks of the trade. There really is a family atmosphere.”

Chuck’s insight creates not only a perfect environment in which younger employees can learn, but it is also encouraging for employees who have been around for several years. It promotes teamwork and a great environment.

“Mangum’s truly cares about its employees…”

Many places will claim that their employees are like family, but for Chuck, Mangum’s has clearly demonstrated its faithfulness again and again.

Two years ago, his oldest son’s wife had breast cancer. While the doctors thought they had gotten everything, it returned as inoperable brain cancer. The community in which they lived had a big plate luncheon fundraiser to help the family. Mangum’s demonstrated its support by buying 57 plates.

“Mangum’s bought plates, and they didn’t even know my son or his wife,” Chuck said. “This just shows how much they care. If you treat them right, I don’t have a doubt they’ll do anything for you. Mangum’s truly cares about its employees.”

What’s Next for Chuck?


Not a chance. At least, not in the immediate future.

Chuck admits that although he’ll soon turn 70, he’s not sure when he’ll retire. He enjoys what he does and is invested in his coworkers, his customers, and Mangum’s.

“I don’t know about retirement,” he said. “I’m grateful that I’m healthy and don’t have any problems.”

We’re thankful for the valuable expertise Chuck gives us every day at Mangum’s. If you’re having issues that are related to your powertrain, or you need one adjusted to fit your needs, contact us. We know you’ll be in good hands with Chuck and our team.

Mangum’s Customizes Your Powertrain for Optimal Performance

Mangum’s realizes that powertrains must be customized to your equipment so it can better serve its purpose. Customization means that we can help maximize performance, regardless of whether you’re using your engine to tow heavy loads or transport industrial equipment.

With decades of experience in building, restoring, and overhauling powertrains and driveshafts, we invite you to see why Mangum’s has been trusted by customers since our inception in 1969.


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