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The Latest Technology Trends in Heavy Equipment

The Latest Technology Trends in Heavy Equipment

Now, more than ever, heavy equipment hauling services are being transformed by innovations such as artificial intelligence, streamlined technology and sophisticated computer systems.

While nothing can replace the judgement and expertise of an experienced driver, these technological trends have had a dramatic impact on the trucking industry and on heavy equipment hauling companies. They also serve as another set of tools to help professional drivers stay safer and have a better quality of work life.

We’ll take a closer look at equipment hauling services and how the latest technology affects these heavy equipment hauling companies and how we use these to provide the quality results thousands have come to expect from Mangum’s.

Technological Innovations That Transform Heavy Equipment Hauling

The Internet of Things (IoT)

What is the Internet of Things? This is a phrase used to describe physical objects that are linked to other systems over the internet via sensors or specialized software. It has had a dramatic impact on the heavy haul industry near you.

Through sensors and other sophisticated software, trucks can be monitored for everything from tire pressure to the stability of the load they are carrying.

The result?

Generating more data that helps carriers manage loads and make informed decisions. You’ll see improved supply chain management and employees who actually have the tools to monitor your loads.

This also enables us to provide our customers with real-time information on where their load is from origin to destination. We also use it to provide our drivers with alerts based upon the weather, road conditions, highway construction and other situations that truckers confront every day. By alerting drivers to potential hazards, we are able to help them avoid accidents and delays.

Electronic Logging Devices

These are necessary under federal law, and these useful pieces of technology enable us to track and record all our driver’s hours. We care for our employees, and we believe that these electronic logging devices not only help us keep accurate records, but they play an important role in keeping our drivers safe.

Route Optimization

We utilize dynamic routing to determine the best possible road and path for any delivery. Through this technology, we not only save on fuel costs, but we also keep our drivers from embarking down unnecessary roads.

This also enables us to compensate for real-time obstacles. Suppose there’s an accident and traffic is backed up and congested on one part of the route. No problem. We’re able to get this information to the driver before they arrive at that point in their journey. Then, we simply find an efficient alternate route.

For our clients, that means we have a stellar track record with time-sensitive loads. This technology helps us get it to you on time.

Advanced Driver Assistive Systems (ADAS) Technology

The goal of this technology is to help ensure that driving is not only easier, but safer as well. This provides warnings of potentially dangerous situations and other benefits such as blind spot detection and alerts when departing the lane.

Want the Best Heavy Equipment Hauling Companies? Look No Further Than Mangum’s

With Mangum’s, it’s about more than just business—we have been family owned and operated for more than 50 years. It’s this dedication to excellence and the highest level of customer service that makes us stand out from the competition.

For example, did you know…

  • We are an asset-based carrier; we own our fleet of trucks
  • We never farm your project out to a third-party vendor
  • We can handle all flagging and other requirements for you
  • All our truckers are full-time employees
  • Our tracking system means you’re always aware of where your load is
  • We specialize in time-sensitive deliveries
  • At Mangum’s we haul the loads that other companies can’t—or won’t—haul. Our experience includes moving:
  • Large generators and enclosures
  • Transformers
  • Large tanks
  • Heavy construction equipment
  • Steel structures
  • Cranes
  • Components for bridges See why Mangum’s has been the trusted name in heavy equipment hauling for decades. Contact us to get started.

See why Mangum’s has been the trusted name in heavy equipment hauling for decades. Contact us to get started.