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5 Simple Steps to Landing a Great Job as a Tow Truck Operator

5 Simple Steps to Landing a Great Job as a Tow Truck Operator

So, you decided it’s time to start a new career! Your search for a job that helps you build a professional skill — without being stuck in an office — led you to truck driving. Now, you are ready to learn more about tow truck driver jobs and start applying!

Your service skills are in high demand and are gaining more recognition as those with experience become harder to find. You’ll probably find that jobs in service industries are more stable, as they are always needed, regardless of current events or market changes. Tow truck drivers are in demand, so you will not have difficulty finding openings.

But, there are a few steps you can take even before you apply to help you land a great job as a tow operator. Here are five steps to help you start your new career:

Step One: Meet the Basics

To be a tow truck driver, you need to meet two basic requirements. You need to be at least 18 years old, and you need a clean driving record. If you do have an accident on your record, you can still apply. Not all accidents or infractions disqualify you.

Step Two: Stay Clean and Active

Tow truck driving is a big responsibility! To make sure you are up to the task, you will have to pass the following tests:

Background Check

Drug Screening

Physical Exam, Including Vision and Hearing Tests

These tests help the company know you can be trusted to operate their vehicles with safety. They also show you will be able to handle the physical demands of the work. If regular exercise is not part of your routine, adding it now will help you be better prepared to prove you can handle the work.

Step Three: Do Your Research

Doing your research is an essential part of any job search. Learn about different types of tow truck driver jobs. Read about the reputation of the towing companies in your area.

“GREAT COMPANY!!! We broke down in our RV and had a thankfully short wait for the tow truck and the guy that helped us towed us to a hotel and worked so hard and so fast to get us off the interstate and off to somewhere safe for the night!!!! Thank you so much!!!! So greatly appreciated!!!!” – Crystal

Different types of tow truck driver jobs require different levels of certification. Without any special licenses, you can operate small tow trucks hauling personal vehicles in some states. But if you want to operate larger tow trucks, haul large vehicles or even commercial vehicles, you will need a commercial driver’s license. In North Carolina, even smaller tow trucks require a CDL to operate.

Step Four: Earn a CDL

Earning a commercial driver’s license (CDL) will make your job application even more competitive. A CDL allows you to operate both larger tow trucks and to haul vehicles over 26,000 pounds. In North Carolina, a CDL is needed for smaller loads as well.

There are three different classes of CDLs, Class A, B, and C. These allow you to tow different sizes and types of vehicles. To earn a CDL in North Carolina, you can follow these steps:

  1. Take a CDL training course to better prepare for your test
  2. Get together the proper documents to verify identity, age, residency, and liability insurance coverage
  3. Bring the documents and the permitting fees to the DMV office
  4. Take the written commercial driver’s licenses permit test
  5. Fourteen days after receiving your permit, you can take the skills test required for an official CDL.
  6. Pay the CDL application fee and take the skills test.

Once you have earned the CDL, it is valid for five years. A Class A CDL will cover most towing situations and will make your application attractive to tow truck companies.

Step Five: Apply for Career as a Tow Truck Operator

Once you’ve passed all the basic tests, decided what type of tow truck driving interests you, and earned your CDL, you can start filling out applications. Use your research in the interview to show that you are knowledgeable about the job and the company. Dress professionally and be confident! With your qualifications, you are sure to be a top candidate.

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